Corporate Mail Cloud Migration

Q. When will this occur?

A. The migration will commence late February 2018 and is scheduled to complete during March 2018.

Q. Current Upgradation?

A. Completed updation of SSL certificate. (Now should work seamlessly on every browser)

Q. Will everything be copied to the new environment?

A. Absolutely. All email, contacts. calendars, settings and logs will be migrated.

Q. What should I check prior to the migration?

A. All our IP addresses are changing, therefore you will need to -

1.    Change any entries in your own domain name space which currently include any of the current mail IP addresses. This will need to occur when the migration takes place.

2.    SPF records will possibly need to be updated. If you are using the ‘include record’ then no changes are required.  Otherwise if you use your own list.

3. Settings Manage by "SYSMIC" on Domain Panel will have no impact on it.

4.     It is always better to use Mail client and have a copy of Mail locally on your desktop.

Q. Will my email be available in both environments for a while?

A. Corporate Emails will be running both environments for a period 10-15 days to ensure no loss of email or other data.

Q. Will there be any need to change anything?

A. No. As long as you have made the above changes then your customers will not need change anything.

Q. Will the webmail look different?

A. No, the webmail will be the same but watch this space as we have a great new webmail scheduled for late 2016!

Q. Will there be an outage during the migration?

A. There is no expected downtime.  Response time may be slightly reduced for a very short period only.

Q. What about Blacklisting?

A. We have made several improvements to absolutely limit Blacklisting where possible.

Q. What about SPAM?

A. We have also made numerous improvements to SPAM management, an area that is continually being fine-tuned.  Your feedback is of great assistance to make these improvements.

Q. Will my data remain in the USA?

A. Absolutely all data will be hosted in the USA.

Q. I have further questions, how do I seek help?

A. We are here to help, please mail us on (With New subject for each new issue),

our Customer Experience team are on hand to assist.